2018 could be a learning year by which I mean you could be into self-help, attending study courses or allowing life to be your teacher. And for a few Aquarians a legal matter will take up your time. There could be travel too, but not necessarily for pure pleasure, and there’ll be a serious aspect to your trips; you’ll be going with purpose. June and July are hot spots in a generally pleasant and temperate year.

The work you put in over the next eighteen months, especially in terms of re-training or upping your credentials will not be wasted. Indeed, you should think of 2018 as a year of laying down the foundation stones of future success. Therefore, if you have ambitions beyond your current employment or you sense impending changes, why not put my advice into practice? What do you have to lose?

Valentine’s Day is the romantic high note of the year, although June and July have their moments, and some Aquarians will be putting a love affair that began last year onto a permanent basis. While there will be times when you think this glowing forecast must be meant for someone else, you are in a phase when your self-esteem is higher, and when you believe you are full of value other people will too.

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