Certainly, if you are debating whether or not your present occupation is sufficiently fulfilling or should you feel in need of a new challenge, 2019 astro-scape should give you more than a nudge in the right direction. This same trend could be apparent in your relationships – romantic and otherwise. You may find a new love or change the status quo in an established relationship, this is a year to build and create solid structures.


The planets are forging dynamic alignments in the money sector, so something seems set to awaken you to a new year and a whole new ball game. Some water bearers will be looking at the grim reality of their bank/credit-card statements and planning a huge economy drive. Some needless things must fall by the wayside in preparation for the new to come. Endings and beginnings are notable in 2019 alignments.


It is very important for Aquarians to feel that they are part of a group so making contact with an old friend, especially around February – March will have a rejuvenating effect on you. Being an air sign, you thrive on communication, so, if you’ve been delaying picking up the phone, writing that text message or e-mail now is the time to send something positive into the cosmos. Who knows where it might lead!

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