You will have opportunities to make your world bigger and better in 2020. Some of these opportunities may be already in the pipeline while others will appear in unusual ways. Confidence and courage will be key components of your success, and the sooner you start believing in yourself and your ideas the quicker your success will manifest. Take things one step at a time, live in the now, and you’ll reach your targets.


Before July financial arrangement may unexpectedly come to an end or there will be changes to existing agreements that put a greater strain on your resources. You probably don’t need me to inform you that the global economy is in a shaky state so err on the side of caution and do everything you can to ensure that you come out of a financial commitment or a financial argument on the winning side.


Self-expression is an important issue at the moment and if you are not already working on it you may need to start now! The first few months of 2020 is a time to spoil yourself a little but do not become too extravagant!  You will have the opportunity to expand your horizons as your romantic encounters become more productive than many past experiences. There is no need to be timid, just allow romantic settings to be fun and enjoy the atmosphere!