2018 is not a year to play fast and loose with your health. Keep well balanced and stay calm, as it is important despite your tendency for high energy levels and to take the world by storm. It will seem as though fate is directing your course. In a nutshell, you’re reaping your karmic rewards and setting new karma in motion. Be brave enough to take a risk on your own expertise.

Organizations will be cutting back, and that could result in loss of income, and you will do better offering to take a reduction in salary rather than fighting for your rights. This is not the year to expect others to be impressed by your abilities: you’ll have to prove you’re worth time and time again. Do you really need me to tell you to economize? You need those dollars for a rainy day, which may well turn out to be 2018.

Yes, you’ll discover the real meaning of love but oh! Will there be lessons. Every time you reach a relationship crossroads, a mirror will go up and you will see the part you have played in making or breaking it. It will be a useful experience but Aries is terrific at learning from its mistakes and you have a good two to three years in which to get the love script right. Do tread carefully though!

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