2020 brings new set of hopes, dreams and ambitions, and, if you’re typical of your sign, never more ready to go get! It’s good to be passionate about life but not so good when you allow passion to snuff out common sense. While you can and should be looking at where you are in life and what has to be done in order to get where you want to go, remember there will be circumstances beyond your control that shape your future too.
The favourable trend brought in by 2020 harmonious alignments continues through much the first few months. It’s going to be a year when finances and issues related to your standing in the world and your position in other people’s lives, are dominant issues. On the one hand, extra monies could come your way, better financial agreements can be drawn up and, if you have any money problems whatsoever, you can go a long way to resolving them.

Venus takes her annual tour of your sign bringing love and opportunity into your life through the month of February. Your powers of attraction are at their highest then, whether you want to draw someone to your side in the romantic sense or you need to achieve a goal. Venus will be transiting the home zone, helping you beautify your surroundings and mend fences with members of the family, and, for some, there will be new romances beginning on home turf.