2017 is a time to attend to property matters, improving and expanding the home itself, and in some cases saying goodbye to an old residence and moving to a new one. There could be unexpected news related to a family member and you may have more than your share of ‘issues’ with appliances and such organizations as local councils, electricity and gas companies – time, perhaps to end contracts and sign new ones!

Financial and emotional security are vital to your sense of well-being and never more so than 2017. Think long and hard about your investments (particularly in terms of real estate/property) and make sure that your generosity is not being abused. And if you are negotiating with an ex as you tie up your financial affairs, there could be some factors which have been concealed, though unintentionally.

One of the serious astrological pluses to August 2017 is the presence of Venus in your sign: this planet adds beauty and harmony to life, and increases your abilities to give and receive love. Indeed, some Cancerians may have chosen August to marry or celebrate an anniversary while others could find romance flowers suddenly in unexpected places. Venus reminds you that there is such a thing as a love life.

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