You are mid-way through a two-year phase in which crossroads of one description or another keep appearing. The important point to remember is that you cannot go back; the past is a country you can only visit in your memories. Indeed, the more you step outside your comfort zone, and this is not just about where you live but in your career choices, relationships and interests, the more you’ll gain.

This year will bring many changes. By the end of 2018 you will be in a whole new financial cycle, one in which you are less vulnerable to the fluctuations of the money markets and the actions of people with whom you have monetary dealings. Still, you’re not quite out of the woods yet so don’t be pressurized into raiding your savings. The best way to make up for any financial shortfall is to take a temporary job or sell an asset.

There’s always a ring of destiny about the people we fall in love with and form a relationship with, but never more so than in 2018. Some Cancerians, especially those with June birthdays, will know instantly that they have met the ‘One’ while others will be seeing their ‘Other’ in his or her true light. And whenever you were born, courage will be rewarded whether you go with your heart or walk in the opposite direction.

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