There’s a vast choice of possibilities available to you in 2020, but it seems you require some space and distance from everyday concerns. Your energy might be at low ebb too, but the cosmos is now encouraging you to develop ways in which to re-charge your batteries. Nevertheless, travel is extremely well-starred in 2020 and is especially beneficial for established relationships and for expanding your social circle in general.

After March, the emphasis switches to your career and there may be a certain amount of financial friction regarding your joint assets. You have the energy and assertiveness to guide you should a partner or business associate be less than generous. Stand your ground and you should be able to wear the opposition down by your persistence; after all – if there’s one thing you Crabs really have got the hang of, it’s spending money wisely.

During the first half of 2020 your emotions are flimsy which means that you may be yearning for a divine connection with another person. You could be feeling in need of a soul mate, someone with whom to share your deepest, darkest secrets. Some of you might actually sense you have made that special bond with somebody, but if you feel like eloping, just wait until the latter half of the year when Venus’s romantic spell has less power over you.