Your career and public reputation are in the frame this year, and there is no sign for whom achievement and success are more important than you Capricorn. 2019 positive alignments are pointing to success or new opportunities coming your way. Changes on the family or property front could be in store – some Capricorns may be moving house and others completing a project in the home which may well have begun early last year.


Finances are top of the list for weird and wonderful developments in 2019. There will be some Capricorns who get a dream of a job now, or who receive an unexpected windfall, but in the main, the celestial Goat is suffering from lack of funds and offers and deals that invariably fail to materialize. The way around this trend is to keep your costs down for now and not to believe in offers and proposals until they are firmly on the table.


It may be very difficult to establish what is going on in someone’s heart and mind. However 2019 could dispel some of those doubts but you can help the romance to deepen and mature by not putting too much pressure on the other person, and leaving the relationship to evolve unimpeded. This is a year to invest in your charms and talents: a new outfit or hair-do for some, a more serious make-over for others.

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