You’re about to discover the advantages of working as a team in 2020, whether this applies to your marriage, your job – whatever. Perhaps you are a natural leader and maybe it takes your cautiousness and scrutiny to ensure the train doesn’t come off the tracks but you’re going to get a whole lot further with friends by your side. Business and social events there could be aplenty and new contacts and fresh endeavours could come out of them.

2020 is an especially good year for the Capricorn entrepreneur, so if you’ve been trying to get a creative project off the ground, now is the time to set out your market stall. And much the same could be said for affairs of the heart: as they say: feint heart never won fair lady. Nor fair lad, come to that!  You may find also a deal that was on the table but stalled in 2019 is back in business. Be flexible and philosophical.

Capricorns are not known for talking about their feelings, but there are opportunities in 2020 to become more intimate with someone special by opening up a little and baring your soul. If a relationship has been floundering, you may need to examine the past and try to learn from your mistakes and in doing so, you may find that commitment is a much more attractive option than you had first realised.