There may be a perfectly good reason why the start to this year is like no other – a proposal on the stroke of midnight, perhaps, or some news from a friend or colleague, but in an ideal world you would make the decision to eliminate aspects of your life that are making you unhappy and getting you nowhere so that you can start afresh in 2017. Whatever you decide to do will lead to positive change in the future.

In some ways, this is an excellent period to construct new financial agreements and to invest in your future, and even if cash is in short supply there will be opportunities to turn a small investment into a large one. Have the confidence, courage and determination to tackle a financial problem and you will not regret it. What you discover and resolve will prove very worthwhile, and in some cases will amount to a whole new start.

The first couple of months of 2017 will focus on the zone of romance and creative endeavours bringing you opportunities for fun and flirtation. This second half of February is an excellent time to meet new people and to make the most of social life, both in terms of pure enjoyment and with a view to making progress in your career. And whatever your individual situation, 2017 encounters should turn out to be happy and life-enhancing, if not truly divine.

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