A new planetary year begins for you and it is time to put yourself first and to consider offloading those things that and those people who are standing in the way of your ambitions and dreams. The cosmos is opening up new horizons even if you experience a loss or disappointment in2020, a new way forward will emerge, and it will be one that brings out dormant potential, thus increasing your overall happiness and sense of fulfilment.

2020 is all about money and self-esteem. You could use these astrological influences to build a more secure future for yourself or simply untangle a financial knot or two; on the other hand, money may come to you in unusual ways or, perhaps, in relation to work done or actions taken some months, if not years ago. Yes, the economic climate is not what it might be but you can do really well if you set your mind to it this year.

You’ll be pleased to hear that this is a very outgoing year for you, Gemini, particularly after April 3rd when lovely Venus enters your sign, bringing with her extra portions of love and good fortune. Venus will inspire you to be even more witty, charming and attractive than ever, which will have a knock-on effect of drawing people towards you, whether in the sense of new romantic conquests or individuals who will back you and your ideas.