As a fixed sign, change does not come easily to Leo, but if you want to make the most of your 2019 stars, you’ll set about changing everything from your timetable to your tactics – you may even do a fair amount of travelling. Certainly, with planets in the area of communications your life looks to be full of movement, and, hopefully, one or two situations that have been stuck in a rut will begin to move forward.


The first half of 2019 may well produce a monetary glitch in the zone of finances and shared resources, and should you be negotiating a settlement with an ex, for instance, or talking loans and borrowings with financial institutions; be gracious and avoid ultimatums.

Indeed one or more money related mysteries will be unravelling very satisfactorily towards the end of September.


You are front of the queue this year when it comes to magic moments and extreme strangeness. Your levels of sensitivity and spirituality will be elevated; and you yearn to experience the divine in life and love, yet since we are all mortal our time in the land of the mystical is limited. Should you meet someone in 2019 with whom you fall passionately in love; the object of your desire may well turn out to be your clear-cut soul mate?

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