This is not a predictable year: unexpected events will keep popping up and causing you to cancel or rearrange plans. But at least the year 2018 has movement; you’re no longer stuck in a giant groove. One of those unexpected events could centre on the family, and there could be some new parents in the Leo club. This is also an educational year, by which I mean you could go back to school to acquire new skills.

You are one of the most creative signs in the zodiac; what you have lacked recently is timing. Which is why this is such a crucial year; you’ll get opportunities to show what you can do, and ego and fear just have to go out of the window. But, do you really need me to tell you not to spend what you don’t have? Be careful whom you trust with finances and to keep something back for a rainy day.

As the year 2018 goes by there will be less of a fog surrounding your love life, and you’ll be able to make some sound decisions. You’ll discover whether someone has been playing you along or if he or she is honest and true. You’ll also find out how far you’re prepared to go for the person you love, and how rewarding it is to give partners more freedom. March and August look to be the most intriguing months for romance and relationships.

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