Be thorough in all your dealings and learn how to say a firm no to offers and activities that will drain your reserves and put you at risk, whether in financial terms or otherwise. 2018 is encouraging you to take risks by moving the goal posts. As one great prophet said, “when the rug is pulled out from beneath your feet, learn to dance on a moving carpet”. You can accomplish great things in spite of this!

An opportunity to reveal your talents, a moment in the media spotlight could lead to promotion or a new job, and mid-to-late September is a premium period for making a successful career pitch. Even less than welcome changes should set you on course for success. Indeed, this final quarter of 2018 could prove to be what you’ve been waiting for in terms of work and money.

No longer will you settle for second best, you are a strong person and need someone who can love you and live life on equal terms with you. And either you have that person already by your side or he or she is on the way to you. The end of January has a ring of fate about it, it’s a time of discovery clarification and; June is another month for key romantic developments, and if you’re looking for that special day, choose mid-June.

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