You may be forced to take more care of yourself in 2019, especially if you have been working too hard and not building enough leisure time into your life to restore your Libran equilibrium. This might be a good time to get back in the gym or dig out those running shoes, or maybe even just take the dog for a walk but if you are worried about any niggling health issues, now is the time to get them checked out.


If you’ve been waiting for a mortgage or bank loan to come through, August will bring you the news you’ve been waiting for. The planetary aspect is assisting you in all matters financial for the next year or so, which means that you are likely to prosper from this influence. Whatever you value most in life should be coming your way more easily. For some of you this will mean more money, for others of you, love, maybe even both!


Venus’s passage through your sign from September puts you in the mood for love and gives you your best chance in 2019 of finding it. You will be at your charming best during the second half of the year, attracting the opposite sex and drawing fortunate experiences toward you. You could feel much more positive about life and love; your image could experience a terrific uplift.

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