The cosmos is pouring its energising rays into your career zone in 2020, enhancing your public image and reputation. Unexpected opportunities could come your way and these look certain to boost your finances. If you are looking for promotion or seeking employment elsewhere, take advantage of your practical hands on approach and you will be even more likely to impress the powers that be with the your skills and charm.

2020 stars are much ado about money and values. In a nutshell, the decisions you make will set in motion a whole new cycle, a minor part of which will last a year and a major part, twelve years. Thus, if you have been debating selling or purchasing a property the time is ripe, and if you’ve been despairing over the level of credit you have and fighting your way through an ever-expanding bog of interest payments, this is the time to find a way to consolidate your debt.

Venus enters your sign at the end of October oozing love, harmony and balance, so while some Librans can look forward to a new romance, others may experience improvements in close relationships, and a few may find new supporters and promoters. This is also a premium year for weddings and engagements – especially the month of November, supports uplifting influences, which bode well for the future of long-term unions.