Friendships and teamwork are a major theme for 2019, and if you have been considering starting a business project with a colleague or friend, or wanting to spend time with friends as opposed to family, you have the stars right behind you. Also, having your ruler Neptune intensified in your sign you will have an opportunity to put a health wrong to rights and to focus on getting the mind, body and spirit into perfect equilibrium.


While I would encourage you to make sound financial moves in 2019 and to have confidence in your plans, you should avoid getting in too deep. Windfalls can be expected for some Pisceans, settlements for a few and for most a desire to spend money and to invest in items of value and in people you love. August sees the most activity in your bank account, and the greatest opportunities to invest in your future.


Lovely Venus will in your sign form late March to end of April so technically you are in a phase when other people are impressed by your talents and deeply affected by your charms. If you’re single and looking for love, get on your bike because this is one of the year’s best times to meet new partners, and if you’ve set the date for a wedding, anniversary or reunion, you’ve got the one planet you need working her magic for you.

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