Generally in the great sweep of things the events of 2018will prove to be a blessing. A decision you have been putting off or a move you have been reluctant to make is likely to happen, so right from 1st of January start getting your ducks in a row. There could be some long-distance travel also to look forward to and many of the best things happen as a result of people and places far away.

2018 will be focusing on the areas of life goals, on the one hand and home on the other, there’s going to be some moving and shaking to look forward to. The combination of the global economy and circumstances beyond your control are likely to play a big part in your professional and financial future. Although your career is subject to ups and downs your financial position may not suffer as a consequence.

February is a month of warm loving developments, as is June, and it may help to remind yourself that the universe responds when we exhibit the courage of the heart. Exceptional circumstances could cause a delay with a romantic event and as a general rule of thumb for 2018 keep your plans loose and your expectations fluid. Two other points to remember: you may not get a second chance and history does not always repeat itself.

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