If we ran our lives according to the astrological calendar this would be your year to get away from it all, to head off to distant parts and immerse yourself in different cultures. Indeed, creating blue-prints for the future is another big part of the astrological story and what happens during the course of 2020 could inspire you to develop new strategies and explore different avenues for your talents and needs.

Much of the activity in 2020 is to be found in the money zone of your horoscope, so if you’re not making it, spending it or investing in the future with it, it is time to have a grand clear-up of your finances. This is a premium time for property matters so if you’ve been considering a sale or purchase of a property, take advantage of the planetary set-up, and go for it, and any kind of borrowing/lending should also be explored.

Yes! There is happiness and love around even if you do have to sacrifice; you still have security and contentment on your side. Like all good things you have to persist to accomplish your true goals and desires even in your love life. A quite hideaway with your loved one would be desirable coupled with time and privacy for some intimate occasions. It’s about time you start to breathe some new life into your love life.