The first half of 2018 is the most rewarding 6 months you’re likely to see in a long time. It is the time to set long-term plans in stone and to focus your energies on single, attainable targets, not to spread yourself in ten different directions. You may not be as resilient as usual so attend to minor problems and think hard before making that final decision. Don’t deplete your resources but stockpile; next year is likely to be tougher.

Some of your entrepreneurial zip seems to have zapped but it will be back. The summer months can be usefully spent building up your network of colleagues and strengthening the bonds of business. 2018 will boost your ambitions and help you assert yourself, conserve your energies when and where you can and ride out the rough spots, which you will probably encounter later in the year.

Romance takes a bit of a back seat now, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find love or the occasional melting moment. The emphasis is more on friendship and working together as a team, and, as you know, those whose relationships stand the test of time invariably say they are each other’s best friends. Some Sagittarians will begin a relationship that starts in the work place or blossoms out of a personal friendship.

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