Getting in shape is the theme for 2020, and while you could take this as an incentive to head to the gym and the beauty shop, it’s more a case of sorting out your life – improving your life-style, side-lining those things that are time-consuming and energy-wasting and putting in the building blocks of working and intimate relationships. You should be open to new systems and technologies, regardless how attached you may be to the old one.

This is a good year to make a major investment, whether that involves money, your talents or your heart. And there is a lot to be said for the notion that when you make a commitment of some magnitude the universe supports you. Secrets tend to come out in an astrological climate like this too so although you are the zodiac’s sleuth and mystery keeper, don’t take any risks if you want a situation to remain under wraps.

If you are single and lovelorn your days in the lonely hearts club are numbered. And even if love and romance do not figure on your agenda, you will benefit from other people’s appreciation of you and your talents. But back to love. For some Sagittarians, a relationship that has been in difficulty has an opportunity to recover, and even if you feel you are the injured party, do not pass up a chance to try again.