2018 can be summed up neatly as a year of preparation. You’ll be putting in the infrastructures of a ‘new’ life, in the sense of boosting your knowledge and skills.
No zodiac sign gets a free ride this year so there will be the odd tough spot; take mid-August for instance, but provided you have not put all your eggs in one basket and continued upon a path you know is not all right, you will be fine.

One of your traits, which are both an asset and a flaw, is your fixity. You like the comfort of the familiar and once you’ve reached an opinion, nothing can change it. 2018 will get you out of old ruts and into new grooves where your creativity can flower. Trust your ability and although this is a difficult climate for the global economy the investments you make in your future will be worthwhile.

Scorpio has intense relationships: it is in your nature to experience the highs and lows of grand passions, however, 2018 brings out your sunny side; you’ll come to understand that time spent arguing could be better used focusing on a partner’s strengths: united we stand; divided we’re miserable. Single Scorpios should aim to meet people who share their interests and with whom they can have fun, and you’ll attract people with your humour and spirit.

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