You may decide that in order to have more options and greater financial opportunities in 2020 you will need to ‘go back to school’, develop new skills or you may find that a contract comes to an end and you must look in new directions for professional or personal fulfilment. Events happen suddenly and unexpectedly, so try to keep your plans very fluid and avoid being near people and situations already highly-charged.

Money doesn’t always bring happiness but it can make life a whole lot easier, and it seems some Scorpions are about to receive a windfall, whether in the form of a salary increase, a settlement or a gift. And in general this is a premium period for investing in your future and talking money to partners or financial institutions. Then again, it may not be finances that add to your bank of happiness but developments in a relationship.
You may be in for some exciting surprises in 2020 as the sun brings more energy and vigour to the zone of intimacy. Midyear will not be without its dramas on the relationship front, but if you do have a passionate outburst, making up will be fantastic – Venus in your sign from November, soothing any troubled waters with all her seductive charms. You might be better off communicating your feelings physically as opposed to relying on intellectual ways and means.