A New Year, and new set of hopes, dreams and ambitions, and, if you’re typical of your sign, never more ready to go get! It’s good to be passionate about life but not so good when you allow passion to snuff out common sense. While you can and should be looking at where you are in life and what has to be done in order to get where you want to go, remember there will be circumstances beyond your control that shape your future too.


On a practical level the start to 2019 is all about eliminating the debris of Christmas past and creating some space. If you can start by wiping out a large debt and building new financial structures you will be able embark on a new year with a clean slate. On more than one occasion in 2019 opportunities will come your way to make an investment in your future – the sale or purchase of a property, perhaps, or a study-course that will add to your skills.


Midyear will find many Taureans enjoying a stellar few months of marriages, engagements and other happy developments in relationships will come to pass, and at the very least your ability to attract favourable conditions and good people into your life will increase considerably.  Getting away from it all with a partner would be a very good idea Рpossibly returning to a favourite place Рand you might just find that you reach a deeper understanding if you are prepared to open up and bare your soul.

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