The familiar and the safe may be the Taurean anthem but you’re finding a more adventurous side of yourself in 2018. Some roads have run out, whether they are relationships, jobs or belief systems, and you really have no option other than to spread your wings and take off into the unknown. This is not the year to ignore a health issue, but if you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life, you have all the astro-power you need.

Your natural inclination is to hang on to a job, regardless of its likeability, but the sacrifices and compromises you are being asked to make could be too great. Consciously or unconsciously you are precipitating changes. If you are out of work, don’t get discouraged, you may not find your niche this year but you’ll gain much from taking on jobs outside your skill range.

You may have had your heart bruised in the past but it’s time to get over it. In some cases, this means you have to give a partner a second chance and in others open your heart to someone new. Be brave enough to make the first move and trust your own judgement, not the opinions of others. May and October are the months to choose for special occasions, and the period around October is especially starred.

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