Self-worth, of course, is not just a matter of material wealth but emotional and psychological well-being, so for many Virgos what needs to be put under the astro-microscope this year is your tendency to undervalue yourself. Raise your expectations of how you should be treated in working or romantic relationships, and watch the ensuing developments. Yes! 2019 is all about realising how much you are cherished.


Finances assume greater significance from late March, and this is one of the premium periods of 2019 for creating new monetary agreements and reconstructing long-standing loans. Negotiation and research also help with finances: this is an ideal period in which to acquire a loan, deal with a debt, and to seek a settlement of some description. Take it slow and keep your eye on the ball.


While passion may be an important component of an intimate relationship in 2019, the spirit of friendship will help it ride over any bumps. The cosmos is allowing you to bring forth new life, whether in the literal sense or in the way of new ventures and associations. Indeed, the later months of the year should find you in a more serene and fulfilled state of being, and certainly richer and wiser for your experiences of earlier in the year.

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