Do you feel a weight lifted from your shoulders? Can you see that light at the end of the tunnel? I hope so because your horoscope is in far better shape than it was this time last year. Draw a line firmly behind the past: it’s a new year. Key to this fresh start is a strong sense of your own worth. If only because you have overcome so many hurdles, little can faze you in 2018. Positive thoughts create positive actions.

You need to place a higher emphasis on what you can do in 2018, you can look to opening up new and more rewarding avenues for your talents, and if you’re job hunting you’re more likely to find work abroad or with an international organization. This could be the time you really make it, so being a little more experimental or adding to your bank of knowledge and skills this year could be a very wise move indeed.

You may have settled in the past for the routine benefits of partnership but at a cost to your emotional and sexual fulfilment. And it is a situation that cannot be sustained, as many Virgos are going to find out over the next few years. You will make discoveries about your partners and yourself, and your capacity to fall in love and make sacrifices has never been greater than in 2018.

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