2020 finds the astrological focus firmly on home affairs and the foundations of new endeavours, whether these are indeed related to family and property or other aspects of life. This is the year when your need for closeness and that sense of family unity are at their strongest; it is a time when you can strengthen family relations and pour your love and creative energies into your home and family.

2020 is one of the key money years of the decade. You may be putting together new financial agreements, discussing salary structures or simply trying to get finances onto a better footing. However, some Virgo’s will be on the receiving end of a settlement or an inheritance. Midyear a brilliant alignment could open up a whole new set of possibilities, first and foremost related to your career, and second to your material world.

This is one of the best years to find love and to put a causal relationship on a permanent basis; and if you’ve been nursing a broken heart, there are a lot of mending-fences issues to be undertaking this year. Improving your image and getting a higher profile could also be on the agenda, and the investments you make in your appearance and your talents will prove very worthwhile. Turning your life around could well depend on making a few brave moves. Are you up for it?